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Where paid members collaborate on mutual concerns to the benefit of the member and the OPPASA. Say your say and find the common results.

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Mechanic Working on Motorcycle


What training does your personnel need and how can you train them effectively?

Dance Award


Award those who made the industry a better place. Who is it?

Dollar Bills


Taking history and future obligations in consideration, how would you spend OPPASA funds?

Euro Coin


What do you believe fair wages to be for the OPE industry?



Who do you want to represent you on a National or regional footprint in industry matters?

Hand Pile of Happy Group


Does the OPPASA have membership growth potential or are we the elite and only?

Pet Store Payment

Workshop rates

What is a fair rate to charge your customer to do repairs?

Go Team

General meetings

What is your thoughts on how the OPPASA should meet?

Stack of Newspapers


Latest Outdoor Power Equipment industry and other interesting news.

Traffic Sign

Workshop policy

Is your policy up to consumer protection standards? How would you be sure it is procticed?

Machine Sketch

Process automation

What is your thoughts on how the 4th industrial revolution effects the OPPASA?