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Constitution of the Lawn Mower Association of South Africa

This association is legaly registered as the Lawn Mower Association of South Africa. Members collectively agreed to trade as the Outdoor Power Product Association of South Africa (The OPPASA) 


  1. NAME

    • The name of the Association shall be the LAWN MOWER ASSOCIATION of South Africa, “The LMA” in short. 


    • The area of operation shall be the Republic of South-Africa. 


    • The office of the Association shall be at such place as may be determined by the National Executive Committee from time to time as recorded in Addendum A hereto. (Contacts)


    • The Association shall be a non-profit making organisation.  



    1. Any expression used in this Constitution which is defined in the Labour Relations Act, 1995, shall, unless the contrary intention appears, have the same meaning as in that Act. 

    2. The LMA means the industry in which employers and their employees are engaged in the sale, and/ or renovation, and/ or servicing, and/ or assembly during repair of Small Plant and Equipment, for example: 

      • lawn and garden tools and equipment 

      • small farming tools and equipment 

      • small mining and construction tools equipment

      • workshop tools and equipment

      • cleaning tools and equipment 

      • small forestry equipment 


  1. The minimum objects of the Association shall be to Collective and effective bargain: 

  • Employee’s minimum wages. 

  • Propose minimum workshop rates by setting a workshop policy. 

  • Members code of conduct. 

  • to co-operate with organisations of employers and/ or employees, or with any conciliation board which may be established to deal with matters which affect members;  

  • to use every legitimate means to induce all persons who are eligible for membership to become members; 

  • to foster and encourage the training of employees in the industry; 

  • to establish regions and divisions anywhere in the Republic of South Africa; 

  • to do such other lawful things as may seem to be in the interest of the Association or its members and which are not inconsistent with the Labour Relations Act, 1995, or any other law, or any matter specifically provided for in this constitution as stipulated in Addendum B. (Benefits and fees)

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