In 2018 the OPPASA called a meeting of technical experts in the OPE industry and an Board of Subject Experts un the OPPASA umbrella and in advisory capacity to the OPPASA NEC was formed. The purpose of this OBSE is to investigate and set recognized industry training standards and qualifications. One of these standards was the acceptance of the EETC as the current only accepted training towards becoming a qualified OPE technician. The OPPASA and its members support this OBSE by ensuring that the majority of their technical personnel are EETC qualified.

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"The Equipment & Engine Training Council (EETC) is a non-profit association whose goal is to address the shortage of qualified technicians in the outdoor power equipment industry. In May of 1996, with a handful of volunteers, it set about the task of building this association. One year later in May of 1997, with more than 100 industry representatives attending their first formal meeting in Dallas Texas, the Equipment and Engine Training Council was introduced. Its membership is made up of dedicated industry professionals from manufacturers, distributors, dealers, educational institutions, and associations."

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Got certification?

As a member of the international Equipment and Engine Training Council the OPPASA is proud to present this technical training opportunity.

As an OPPASA member you qualify for a 15% discount to dealer membership to the EETC. This membership includes access to the EETC’s technician portal which houses 15 online courses and 7 study guides.

How to register and get access to the training:

1. Get your once-off discount code from the OPPASA, 

2. then register your membership at the EETC

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Meet the Board of Subject Experts

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Wayne Lawrence

Briggs & Stratton SA

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Johan Grobler


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Collin Mathews

Brakkenner hardware and hire

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Emile Venter

Honda SA


Melt van Schoor



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Clive Wicks

Vice chairman


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Brian Brink


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Ducan Freyer