Professional body to the Outdoor Power Equipment industry

The OPPASA is an association of like minded professionals collaborating to create and sustain a credible Outdoor Power Equipment industry. The members of the OPPASA operate under a strict code of conduct to supports this vision, setting these members in a elevated trust position to the general industry. Consumers are urged to lodge a complain at the ombudsman against any OPPASA member not living up to the OPPASA code of conduct. 


The OPPASA is successfully used by its members to simultaneously protect and grow their business interests by collaborating with like minded entrepreneurs on common concerns. Growing your employees grows your business.

hr & ir

Labour law litigation in South Africa, especially for smaller businesses, is an extremely time consuming and expensive process.The OPPASA offers its members affordable, quality legal representation in labour disputes amongst other HR services. and IR services


Disputes are ineluctable and could be very costly to both parties. OPPASA offers alternative dispute resolution to ensure that the its members and their consumers receive the justice and treatment that we all as citizens of South Africa deserve.


When it comes to handling your business, not all entrepreneurs are in the position to negotiate the type of benefits that could be achieved as a group. Partnering with other OPPASA members means a world of difference to the members success and achievement of their financial goals. 


Through the years mechanical training has been both very important to the industry and a very difficult implement. The OPPASA provides solutions to outcome based mechanical training that is internationally recognized


    Collaborate with fellow members and set fair Industry wages, Workshop policy, Repair times (Workshop rates) and Job-card t's&c's

    Stay in touch with Current affairs, Latest AGM minutes, Latest OPPASA news and the Latest annual report(s).

    ​Request a special meeting, make suggestions, lodge complaints and compliment a stakeholder.

  • HR & IR

    Build a workforce that performs with optimal success in the interest of the business and its clients.

    •  Reduced Training Time

    •  Reduced Staff Turn-Over

    •  Build a Positive Culture

    •  Optimal Management Support

    •  Employee Loyalty

    •  Employee Development

    •  Improved Productivity

    •  Scientific Succession Planning

    •  Leadership Development

    •  Automated Recruitment Process

    Legal representation in labour disputes.


    Alternative dispute resolution between persons conducting business within the Outdoor Power Equipment industry and consumers as well as among participants in the OPE and industries in South Africa.

    Striving to contribute to the continuous improvement of customer care, as well as relationships among participants in the OPE industry to the benefit of all parties.


    Negotiate on national level with financial service providers on financial products like, Customer purchase financing, Point of sale (card transactions) fees, Group provident fund, Group funeral cover and Short term insurance among other.


    Aiming to address the shortage of qualified technicians in the outdoor power equipment industry by designing and implementing an outcome based training program with in-house program development as well as partnering with national and international training service providers giving this training an international recognition. The OPPASA has registered a formal trade with the Department of Higher education and offers the parent qualification called Small plant mechanic as well as its part and sub qualifications to the OPE industry. Recognized sub qualifications like "Two stroke mechanic" could be completed in a very short time while part qualifications like "Small engine mechanic" would take bit longer. The parent qualification should take about three years to complete.


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