Employment policy

The OPPASA members follow a strict policy of not only adhering to the minimum wages set by government but also that of responsible employment. Employing responsibly is not only about positive development of the individual but also that of the employer for different reasons. One of the aspects of responsible employment is to compensate an employee a minimum living wage. (Please watch the video) Collaborating on setting of minimum wages between businesses each with its own unique combination of job titles and tasks descriptions is challenging and needs to be done in a simple fashion. By identifying common employee types each dealer could adapt the intellect behind it to build its own wage table taking experience and qualification in consideration. 

Take for example "employee type 2"mentioned in the form below, this description would both fit a young person on the verge of his/her career or a mature person with years of experience, in both cases the wage to lead a minimum standard lifestyle would have the same basic elements but when you plan your wage table you would take experience and qualification in consideration. This method would then form a simple and fair industry standard for all to follow.

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