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Skills and rewards 

Wage setting policy

The OPPASA members follow a strict policy of not only adhering to the minimum wages set by government but also that of responsible employment. Employing responsibly is not only about positive development of the individual but also that of the employer for different reasons. One of the aspects of responsible employment is to compensate an employee a minimum living wage as the video explains. Collaboration between independent businesses on setting of minimum wages each with its own unique combination of job titles and tasks descriptions is challenging and needs to be done in a simple fashion. By setting a common industry standard each employer could adapt the intellect behind it to bring its own wage table in line with that of the industry.

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Optimize your staff

A very unique but reliable approach by using top performers in a business to determine who will be best for that job when recruiting and placing people in a specific workplace environment.

The online system draws a map of behavioural patterns or habits present in the lives of people. It is a positive and rewarding experience for individuals to better understand their own habits and it is a reliable way of predicting future behaviour.

Human Pyramid

Winning teams

A very sound foundation for a team to get to know one another, understand where they are similar and different and how they will behaviourally interact with each other. It provides the manager with knowledge on how to allocate roles and responsibilities in a more scientific manner as well as engage with each individual in a precise manner.

  • Team conflict facilitation

  • Team onboarding (new team manager or team member)

  • Restructuring of teams and creating new teams

  • Team subgroup optimization

  • Team trends identification

Mechanic Wrench

Skills audit

Match individual employees to the benchmark relevant to the job they are doing and visually see on which skills they are either over-skilled or not adequately skilled.

This information enables the business to redeploy employees if and when divisions shrink, close down or when individual employees struggle to perform optimally in their current jobs. It is much better to successfully redeploy people than to replace them.

Staff optimization

Match your staff members to employment benchmarks specific to the OPE industry. Although this online service is more cost effective and mush quicker than traditional methods you as OPPASA member qualify for a further discounted rate.

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Optimal team

As independent dealer or OEM your team and needs would differ to that of another, this system takes that into consideration when plotting your team members. With a habit profile for each member this report is accessible on your personal dealer portal. 

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Skills audit

As an OPPASA member you have access to compare your employees skills to that of the national dealer network. The names of the benchmark members is anonymous for privacy reasons. As with other services this online service to is more cost effective and mush quicker than traditional methods and you as OPPASA member qualify for a further discounted rate.

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