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Not only does the OPPASA members take hands with one another to solve common problems but the OPPASA takes hands with fellow associations, organizations and institutes like SAGIC, NEASA and MIOSA to build a common and strong platform for industry to grow.


The OPPASA official view to frequently asked questions and lawful actions taken to the benefit of the OPPASA members

  • Is the OPE dealer allowed to operate under level 4 restrictions?

    • Introduction

      • This view is the interpretation of the OPPASA and its members and is always subject to the actual meaning of the Disaster Management Act: Regulations: Alert level 4 during Coronavirus COVID-19 lockdown

      • All persons who are able to work from home should do so.

      • Persons in the following list of industries and activities will be permitted to perform work outside the home, and to travel to and from work, under Alert Level 4, subject to-

        • strict health protocols, and social distancing rules;

        • return to work to be phased in to enable measures to make the workplace COVID-ready; and

        • return to work to be done in a manner that avoids and reduces risks of infection.

    • Why the OPE industry is allowed to work!

      • We consider the OPPASA member as essential to critical supply chain member in the Production, manufacturing, supply, logistics, transport, delivery and maintenance and repair of goods and services (including components and equipment) required for the production or rendering of permitted goods and services of:

        • Agriculture and Forestry under PART A,

        • Electricity and Water supply under PART B, ​

        • Construction and related services under PART D,

        • Mining and Quarrying under PART K,

        • Repair and related related emergency services under PART L

        • Disaster management services and Essential municipal services under PART O,1 & 4, and

        • Cleaning, Sanitation, Pest control, Sewage, Waste and refuge removal services under PART P, 2​. ​

      • Wholesale and retail of Hardware, components and supplies is allowed under PART E. The official definition of "Hardware" is: tools, machinery, and other durable equipment.

    • The OPPASA has on behalf of its members and as part of the green industry submitted a Document to the minister requesting that these service be grouped under a new category "GREEN INDUSTRY" under PART A with "OUTDOOR POWER EQUIPMENT" under PART L 

  • How does employers handle staff matters and how do they pay salaries and wages with little or now income?

    • We might each be in his own boat but we sometimes face the same national or in the case of COVID-19 global storm. We must realize that some boats are stronger and face storms with greater ease. Facing storms places huge stress on staff matters but we must at all times exercise a policy of not only keeping staff employed but to develop them to be more productive and happier human beings.

    • On the legal side of employment you will find regular news letter regarding employment matters at . Using code N12392 you as OPPASA members may register to receive these posts on regular basis and claim certain free and all paid labour relations services.

    • Companies that are facing distress and contribute to the UIF should apply through  for assistance and those companies that were not registered with the UIF by March 15, 2020 may not apply as they would not qualify.

    • Habits control people and the combined habits of a group of people makes up the culture of the group or business team. Placing people in teams where their habits best fit the culture of the team not only increases productivity but creates a happy workplace. We must also understand that placing people according to skill is not necessary best business practice, the reason being that skills could be learned but habits controls the person. Best practice is to place people according to their habit profile and up-skill where necessary.

Download documents



Application of operation for the green industry under lock-down conditions to the minister of public works.


Application of operation for the OPE industry under level 4 restrictions.


OPEN THE INDUSTRY! Open letter to the President


Future business

Most of us are still struggling to get a firm grip on how to position our businesses in the 4th industrial revolution when the 5th industrial revolution is on the horizon. The scary fact is that most businesses would NOT survive the 4th industrial revolution in the way they conduct business not to mention the 5th industrial revolution. The lockdown caused by the coronavirus has brought business not 4/5th industrial revolution ready to a basic halt and many people are now in a conflicted state on how to conduct future business. You need to seriously consider if your business will make the technological impact and consumer need of tomorrow.

Future business might not all be about 100% pure online purchasing but would most certainly be a mix of both face to face and online. And extract from says:


“In Nigeria and other African countries, a growing generation of young, internet-savvy individuals has embraced new, online technology. The International Telecommunication Union (ITU) has documented an increased internet penetration in sub-Saharan Africa. The numbers of users are still far below the world average of around 30%, but are increasing as Africans become more familiar and proficient with online shopping. E-commerce activities have expanded in Nigeria, South Africa and Kenya both due to the proliferation of mobile phones and availability of faster internet networks.

In South Africa, 51% of individuals with internet access shop online. In Kenya, 18-24% make online purchases. In Nigeria approximately 28% of the population has internet access according to ITU figures. The number of mobile cell phone subscriptions has topped 87 million. A new group of internet developers are eager to increase buying options by providing discounted deals on a wide range of products and services. Analysts indicate that a lack of convenient and reliable electronic payment services for online shoppers is a major problem confronted throughout Africa.”


The OPPASA partner in business optimization, YOUR STORY (Pty)Ltd offers the members of the OPPASA a solution to getting your business future ready.




Working from home is not for everyone. For some people it is counter productive and others absolutely thrive on home working conditions.

You need a special set of habits to make working from home a success.

To find out if you or your staff would be successful in working from home send the persons name and e-mail address to to receive a code to an online assessment.