Section 1, 3, q of the MEICB conditions of employment main agreement states that notwithstanding the provisions of subclause (1), the terms of this Agreement n.c.e shall not apply to the servicing and/or maintenance and/or repairing of lawn-mowing machines, cultivators, sicklecutters, grass-cutters, edge-trimmers, chainsaws and/or parts and/or components thereof.

This is the condition the then and still registered as LMA (Lawn Mower Association) fought hard and continue to PROTECT having recognized and implemented.

Since the first legal case in 1978 the MEIBC has at numerous occasions attempted to remove this exemption from the main agreement and would in no doubt attempt it again in future.

The LMA or now trading as the OPPASA is THE legally registered industry representative for businesses in .

which employers and their employees are engaged in the sale, and/ or renovation, and/ or servicing, and/ or assembly during repair of Small Plant and Equipment, for example: 

  • lawn and garden tools and equipment 

  • small farming tools and equipment 

  • cleaning tools and equipment 

  • small forestry equipment 

Your membership to this association then proves in monthly submition to the Department of Labour that your business qualifies for this exemption. Furthermore you get an annual membership certificate to this extent.

LMA / OPPASA registration certificatte
Constitution of the LMA / OPPASA
MEIBC consolidated main agreement Labour relations act and associations