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Welcome to OPPASA: Where Excellence Grows!

Discover a world where green industry expertise thrives, and businesses flourish. OPPASA, the Lawn Mower Association of South Africa, is the leading voice and representative body for those in the lawn, garden, farming, cleaning, and forestry equipment sectors.

With us, professionalism soars, collaboration blossoms, and high standards prevail. Through collective negotiations, we empower our members, ensuring their long-term success and fostering pride in every interaction.

Join our vibrant community, where knowledge flows, experiences are shared, and excellence becomes the norm. OPPASA: Shaping Success, Growing Excellence!

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Core values

As a registered association, OPPASA possesses certain rights and privileges that empower it to effectively represent and advocate for its members. Here are some key rights associated with OPPASA's registered status:

  1. Collective Bargaining: OPPASA has the right to engage in collective bargaining on behalf of its members. This means that OPPASA can negotiate with employers or employer organizations to establish agreements, such as employment terms, working conditions, and benefits, that are favorable to its members.

  2. Legal Representation: OPPASA has the right to legally represent its members in various matters, including disputes, grievances, and labor-related issues. This allows OPPASA to provide expert guidance, support, and representation to its members when they encounter challenges or conflicts in the workplace.

  3. Lobbying and Advocacy: As a registered association, OPPASA has the right to lobby government authorities, policymakers, and other relevant bodies to influence legislation, regulations, and policies that impact its members. This enables OPPASA to actively shape the industry's regulatory landscape and advocate for the best interests of its members.

  4. Participation in Decision-Making: OPPASA has the right to participate in forums, committees, and consultations related to labor and employment matters. This grants OPPASA the opportunity to contribute to the development of policies, standards, and practices that affect the industry, ensuring that the voices and perspectives of its members are heard and considered.

  5. Access to Information: OPPASA has the right to access relevant information, reports, and data related to labor and employment issues. This allows OPPASA to stay informed about industry trends, changes in regulations, and other developments that may impact its members. Access to information strengthens OPPASA's ability to provide up-to-date guidance and support to its members.

By exercising these rights, OPPASA effectively fulfils its role as a registered association, acting as a powerful advocate and representative for its members. These rights enable OPPASA to actively shape the labour landscape, negotiate favourable agreements, provide legal support, and ensure that the voices of its members are heard and respected.

Core values
Credit Card Purchase

Point of Sale (Card machine)

Did you know that as an OPPASA member you qualify for discounted credit and debit card rates of 1.80% and 0.90% on you Card transactions? This means that a saving of only 0.20% on R1000 000.00 card transactions would pay for your OPPASA membership fees.

OPE training portal

Statistics for Training Employees: - BambooHR

  • Untrained employees take up to 6x longer to perform the same task as trained employees.

  • Companies that don’t train their employees are 3x more likely to lose them than companies that do train their staff.

  • Corporate learning ROI can amount to 5,000 percent.

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 The industry ombudsman regulates the interaction and provides for alternative dispute resolution between persons conducting business within the OPE industry in South Africa and consumers, and also among participants in the OPE and related industries, improving customer care, as well as relationships among participants in the motor industry to the benefit of all parties. The OPPASA members have access to the MIOSA

Labour law

Labour law services strives to assist employers to create a secure working environment in which their employees can grow and prosper. The OPPASA negotiated reduced rates from labour law specialists to add to the services the OPPASA already offers.

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