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“When OEMs support their industry associations, they not only advance their own strategic interests but also help to elevate standards and drive innovation across the entire sector. Sponsorship is an investment in the future of the industry that fosters collaboration, growth, and resilience.”
— Mary Barra, Chair and CEO of General Motors

Why sponsor?

Sponsoring the Outdoor Power Products Association of South Africa (OPPASA) offers numerous benefits that extend beyond mere brand visibility. Here are five compelling reasons why companies should consider sponsorship:

Enhance Industry Influence and Advocacy

  • By sponsoring OPPASA, you align your brand with an influential body registered with the Department of Labour of South Africa. OPPASA plays a critical role in advocating for policies that support the outdoor power products sector. Your sponsorship helps strengthen the association’s voice, ensuring that the industry's interests are well-represented in regulatory discussions and decisions. This advocacy can lead to a more favorable business environment for your company.

Foster Innovation and Standards Development

  • OPPASA is instrumental in setting and maintaining industry standards. Sponsorship allows you to be at the forefront of innovation and quality assurance. As a sponsor, you have the opportunity to participate in the development of new standards and best practices, which can help drive the industry forward and ensure that your products and services meet the highest benchmarks of quality and performance.

Expand Networking Opportunities

  • Sponsoring OPPASA provides unparalleled networking opportunities with industry leaders, potential business partners, and key stakeholders. Through OPPASA’s events, conferences, and meetings, sponsors gain access to a broad network of professionals and decision-makers, facilitating collaborations and partnerships that can lead to new business opportunities and growth.

Gain Market Insight and Competitive Edge

  • As a sponsor, you benefit from the latest market insights and trends shared by OPPASA. This information is crucial for staying ahead in a competitive market. OPPASA regularly conducts industry research, and sponsors often receive exclusive access to reports and data that can inform strategic decisions and help your business anticipate changes in the market.

Demonstrate Corporate Social Responsibility

  • Supporting OPPASA demonstrates a commitment to the outdoor power products industry and to the broader South African community. It shows that your company is dedicated to fostering a sustainable and responsible industry. This commitment can enhance your corporate image, attract customers who value responsible business practices, and contribute to a positive brand reputation.